Dharma Yoga

Dharma YogaDharma Mittra has been teaching since 1967 and runs a yoga center in NYC. His style of yoga is a very classical and spiritual one, focusing on asanas, yamas and niyamas.

Dharma Mittra urges his students to make their practice as spiritual as possible, engaging in daily pranayama, chanting, asanas, and deep yoga nidra practice. Dharma Mittra believes in kindness and compassion for all beings before anything and promotes a yogic lifestyle on all levels. His specific sequence of teaching is mastered in a way to support the entire self and is accessible at any level.

Lastly, Dharma yoga is the perfect blend between gentle and playful yet intense and ever-evolving. Some things Dharma Mittra is known for are his classic Dharma wheel, his 908 asanas book, and the poster he made for his guru, Yogi Gupta, where he photographed himself in 1,350 postures and made a now very famous poster of them.